Miao Jia Xin

Miao Jia Xin is a Chinese photographer based in New York City. Miao Jia Xin was born in Shanghai. Several years ago he moved to the United States and devoted himself entirely to art. He accepts camera as a tool that documents his art. So in fact it doesn’t matter if the quality of photography is low. Sometimes he even is interested in poor quality of the pictures he takes. So he is absolutely okay with it. Everything depends on his purposes and circumstances. He tries to use all the opportunities he has at the moment.

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What Does It Mean to Be Photogenic?

A term “photogenicy” firstly appeared in the sphere of cinema. That meant to describe a person who looked much more attractive on a screen rather than in the real life. Beauty, regular facial features, good complexion and expressive eyes are the important factors for being photogenic, though they are not the crucial ones.

A photo is the reproduction of life moments on a surface with slightly alternated brightness and colors. The picture doesn’t possess smells, sounds and context of the life event. The human brain can perceive the images objectively only in cases when they are surrounded by their context. That’s why a person who is considered to be a not very pleasant one in reality may look amazing on his family pictures. We evaluate the image of a person on the whole in an objective reality taking into consideration the sound of his or her voice, the manner of moving, the way of acting and the way he or she lives of course. Even when we see a strange person for the first time all these factors have a great impact on the impression created. When we see a successful photo of an unknown person we see only his “foreside”. A mute and flat picture will underline the bright appearance and the right moment when the photo was taken but nothing else. You even have no idea how the voice of the human depicts may sound.

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Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the southern part of Nevada state. For many people Las Vegas is associated with gambling and glamor. Probably Las Vegas is the most glamorous city of the United States. Even if you have never been to the city you definitely have an image of this place. It is not surprising at all why the city got the status of Sin City. Staying in the city you will find lots of casinos and hotels, bars and restaurants. In fact gambling is the most popular city attraction and the main reason why tourists prefer Las Vegas to other cities. By the way Navada is one of the states in the country where gambling is legalized.

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Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was a famous American blues singer and outstanding person. Her life was full of difficulties and problems. Nevertheless Joplin is supposed to be one of the most influential and talented musicians of the 20th century. It is true that her life is some kind of reflection of that rebellious and unconventional times.

Joplin was born in 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas to ordinary family of middle class. She understood early that life in Port Arthur was not for her. Joplin had problems at school with her peers who could not accept her unusual appearance and lifestyle she pursued. They mocked at her and bullied as she seemed to them too unusual and extraordinary. At the age of 17 she left home. When she was 23-years-old she left for California. But life over there turned to be more difficult than probably she expected. In a year she came back to Texas. Several months later Joplin met members of San Francisco band Big Brother And The Holding Company. And it changed her life.

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