How to Combat a Cat and not Lose your Grip

FeoSo, I made it. I’ve been dreaming of having a cat for quite a while since I’ve seen that little furry cutie at my friend’s house. It was all playful and soft and adorable and I decided to get one too. Note that I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies that are drooling over each and every flea-ridden gremlin. I understand the difference between a cool pet and an ugly pet, and I also understood that having a pet is a huge responsibility, but I still wanted to adopt one. Now I know that being a cat’s master is not only a responsibility but also an enormous pain in the neck.
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How to Choose a Pocket Dog

Some people think that dogs should perform the role of guards and protectors of the family, but as for me, the dogs are, first of all, our friends and companions so their size does not matter. Pocket dogs can become loyal friends for you independently of their size.

These dogs are called “pocket” due to their small size – you can carry them in your bag or in your hands. Among pocket dogs are, for example, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, toy poodle, Maltese and so on. The choice of pocket dog should be made with great responsibility as these dogs tend to have problems with their health, so you should know the standards in order to select right breed.

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Choosing Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf rabbit is one of the sweetest creatures in the world which is impossible to pass by. However, it may be difficult to define between decorative rabbits and dwarf rabbits when they are small so you should gain same extra knowledge before purchasing this pet.

Decorative rabbits can be of any breed and they can reach any size when they are fully grown while the dwarf rabbits have firmly established standards. An average dwarf rabbit weighs about two and a half kilos and its ears are no longer than six cm. All dwarf rabbits can be divided into two groups – dwarf rabbits with prick-ears and fold-ear rabbits, plush lops included. All of them are nice, but do not make your choice basing just on their appearance. Different breeds have different characters, and you should choose the one which will suit you best.

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Harmful human food for cats

You should feed your cat carefully. And you should also remember that not all foods are good for your pet. Otherwise it may affect your cat negatively. Many owners think that what is okay for them would be fine for their pets too. But they are mistaken to think so. Not all human foods are intended for cats.

Never feed your cat with onions. This product is very healthy for people but not for cats. In fact it may cause serious problems. And it concerns not only cats. Avoid feeding pets with onions in general. Otherwise it would cause so called Heinz body anemia and as the result it causes kidney damage. Garlic and chives must be also excluded.

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