How to Combat a Cat and not Lose your Grip

FeoSo, I made it. I’ve been dreaming of having a cat for quite a while since I’ve seen that little furry cutie at my friend’s house. It was all playful and soft and adorable and I decided to get one too. Note that I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies that are drooling over each and every flea-ridden gremlin. I understand the difference between a cool pet and an ugly pet, and I also understood that having a pet is a huge responsibility, but I still wanted to adopt one. Now I know that being a cat’s master is not only a responsibility but also an enormous pain in the neck.
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Intellectual Humor of Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a famous American film director which is often called the father of intellectual comedy and he has deserved this title for a reason. He can laugh at everything – psychoanalysis, religion, sex and his own Jewish origins. The witty expressions from his movies have become proverbs and nobody remembers their author now. The humor of Woody Allen is smart and deep and it may make you some time to percept the hidden meaning of his jokes.

The plots of Allen’s films are mostly simple but they reveal a great depth of witty observations and everyday beauty of life if you dare to dive head on into them.

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