The best iPhone apps of the week

In today’s review of the iPhone apps you will find the best apps of the last week. Let’s see!

Atari’s Greatest Hits. The classical games of the 1970s and 1980s developed for iPone and iPad. You may find over 100 games and Missile Command for free.

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Self Image of Gamers: Clue to Their Personality

Various methods of psychological research showed that the altered self body image of the teenagers contains different signs of psychological problems, which may vary from the slight ones to serious borderline state. To find out the interdependence of mental problems and self image of a person the following experiment was carried out by the psychiatrists.

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Game Romance – Top of Video Game Love Stories

Those who believe that video games are only about shooting, participating in bloody wars and killing monsters definitely do not know about the world of computer gaming much. Finely developed games provide us with the pleasure of meeting outstanding characters and entering entangled love intrigues. If you are more interested in the romantic background of the game and love stories of interesting couples more than in technical parameters and quantity of monsters you should pay your attention to the following video games.

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