Guide for Fine Art

In the modern world people hardly find any time to visit museums, exhibitions and other cultural events. However, there are occasions when we want to impress the others with our deep knowledge of artists and their works, even if we have only the slightest idea about the difference between Monet and Manet. To avoid ridiculous situations use this simple and efficient guide through the jungles of fine art and different genres of painting.

If you see on the picture dark background and anguished face expressions you are most likely to meet one of works of a great Titian. Probably, the only exception of this rule is his “Venus of Urbino” which looks pretty happy and satisfied with life, so you better memorize this image in order not to mix it with works of Rubens. By the way, Rubens can be recognized thanks to a great number of naked appetizing figures with cellulite on his pictures.

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