The Tragedy and Success of Guccio Gucci

One of the most significant figures in the world of fashion is of course Guccio Gucci. But none of the biographers studying his life can’t tell you for sure the true story of this talented fashion designer. Actually his story is full of tragic and mysterious events. But that only boosts up the popularity of Gucci brand name.

There was nothing predicting the birth of a legend. A plain man named Guccio Gucci lived in Florence and was trying to raise some money by being employed in occasional jobs. Finally he decided to set his feet to England in 1921. There he soon found a job of usher in the “Savoy” hotel. Being an usher of an expensive hotel Guccio Gucci had the perfect opportunity to watch the splendid outfits which were worn by the wealthy people who stayed there. The most interesting thing is that he payed much attention to the preferences of the upper crust. Gucci had returned to Italy when he turned 40. He managed to earn 30 000 liras. That was a significant sum of money in those times.

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