How to Choose a Pocket Dog

Some people think that dogs should perform the role of guards and protectors of the family, but as for me, the dogs are, first of all, our friends and companions so their size does not matter. Pocket dogs can become loyal friends for you independently of their size.

These dogs are called “pocket” due to their small size – you can carry them in your bag or in your hands. Among pocket dogs are, for example, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, toy poodle, Maltese and so on. The choice of pocket dog should be made with great responsibility as these dogs tend to have problems with their health, so you should know the standards in order to select right breed.

For instance, the weight of grown up Chihuahua should not be more than three kilos. These dogs have very playful, curious, vivid and attentive character so they will be everywhere at once.

Yorkshire terriers, in my opinion, are nearly the most loyal and clever dogs. They will play with you if you like or sleep all day long if you want to have your moment of peace. Hey are not intrusive and always feel and understand your mood. When choosing a dog of this breed you should better take a dog of average weight which is about three kilos.

Maltese is a white fluffy ball of joy and happiness or, at least, it is my vision of this dog. It has mild and merry character and will become a perfect companion for your children. It needs professional care if you want it to look good. The weight of this dog should be between three and four kilos.

Toy poodles are often used in circus performances as they have excellent training ability. These poodles are very communicative and miniature as they are normally about 25 cm. high.

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