Miao Jia Xin

Miao Jia Xin is a Chinese photographer based in New York City. Miao Jia Xin was born in Shanghai. Several years ago he moved to the United States and devoted himself entirely to art. He accepts camera as a tool that documents his art. So in fact it doesn’t matter if the quality of photography is low. Sometimes he even is interested in poor quality of the pictures he takes. So he is absolutely okay with it. Everything depends on his purposes and circumstances. He tries to use all the opportunities he has at the moment.

His first pictures are photos of Shanghai prostitutes. Even though his pictures are mainly street photos they are still conceptual art. Lots of things are inspiring him. Existentialism, politics, urbanization, urban angst are interesting and captivating. His art is provocative and ambivalent. One of the most insane performances by Miao Jia Xin is definitely a 2011 performance Mom’s Suitcase. He traveled with his mom inside her suitcase. He touches on the themes of identity, isolation and escapism creating his ambiguous and complex works.

The series Good Night New York was executed several years ago soon after his arrival in New York City. It was challenging and really difficult for him. He faced insanity of urbanization. So this series was revealing his own very special and unique way of adaptation to the city. “From the winter of 2007 I set put to create these self-portraits by blending my body into the streets of NYC”. We see naked Miao Jia Xin laying on streets of New York. It looks strange and weird. But for him it was a way to take a new lease of life being adult.

Sleepwalking series consists of two parts. Shanghai (2005) depicts prostitutes in Shanghai. “In 2005, I spent 9 months aggressively shooting photos with a flash camera in strangers’ faces after midnight. The performances of sitting in police offices, discussing with the officers and victims, the boundaries required in taking documentary photos in public, turned out to be a part of this project”. Two years later Miao Jia Xin made a series of self-portraits portraying himself as a prostitute. “These self-portraits were taken in the streets of NYC as a backup of Sleepwalking I. As an experiment to create a web celebrity, they were posted on the Internet which caused quite a stir resulting in a substantial amount of Internet fans”.


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