Choosing Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf rabbit is one of the sweetest creatures in the world which is impossible to pass by. However, it may be difficult to define between decorative rabbits and dwarf rabbits when they are small so you should gain same extra knowledge before purchasing this pet.

Decorative rabbits can be of any breed and they can reach any size when they are fully grown while the dwarf rabbits have firmly established standards. An average dwarf rabbit weighs about two and a half kilos and its ears are no longer than six cm. All dwarf rabbits can be divided into two groups – dwarf rabbits with prick-ears and fold-ear rabbits, plush lops included. All of them are nice, but do not make your choice basing just on their appearance. Different breeds have different characters, and you should choose the one which will suit you best.

Plush lops, for instance, are more often kept as pets than all other breeds. Thanks to their folding ears they look very touching. Besides, they are very friendly, calm, inagressive and mild animals. They get on with people perfectly well, do no t mind being kept in hands and are never against caresses and hugs. These creatures rarely bite or strike their owner with a paw, so they can be an excellent gift for a kid.

The fur of Rex Dwarf rabbits resembles a royal gown. Their fur is short and shining like velvet or plush. The average weight of a rabbit is about one kilo and a half. They look very elegant and gracious with their pointed head and prickled ears. Small rabbits look not so gorgeous but when they grow up you will see their splendor in full blossom. Their character is calm and a bit inactive which only adds to their royal status.

Short coat Dwarf Rabbit can weight only 800 gr. or a bit more. Its ears are six cm. long. They can be of different colors and it looks great as their fur is always mild and do not need any special care. During sexual maturation these animals can be quite aggressive. It can bite its owner or strike him with its paws. However, at the age of one year and a half their behavior becomes normal again. This rabbit will be a playful, active and funny pet, which is easy to keep and pleasant to observe.

All in all, dwarf rabbits are the kind of pets you can keep without any special preparations. Just approach the issues of choice seriously and enjoy the company of your new friend.


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