What Does It Mean to Be Photogenic?

A term “photogenicy” firstly appeared in the sphere of cinema. That meant to describe a person who looked much more attractive on a screen rather than in the real life. Beauty, regular facial features, good complexion and expressive eyes are the important factors for being photogenic, though they are not the crucial ones.

A photo is the reproduction of life moments on a surface with slightly alternated brightness and colors. The picture doesn’t possess smells, sounds and context of the life event. The human brain can perceive the images objectively only in cases when they are surrounded by their context. That’s why a person who is considered to be a not very pleasant one in reality may look amazing on his family pictures. We evaluate the image of a person on the whole in an objective reality taking into consideration the sound of his or her voice, the manner of moving, the way of acting and the way he or she lives of course. Even when we see a strange person for the first time all these factors have a great impact on the impression created. When we see a successful photo of an unknown person we see only his “foreside”. A mute and flat picture will underline the bright appearance and the right moment when the photo was taken but nothing else. You even have no idea how the voice of the human depicts may sound.

When our brain lack information it tends to provide some supplemental one from our experience, We are likely to think that an ugly person has repulsive manners and a beautiful young girl may have a soft dinging laughter. In that way our mind brings balance to the situation when only partial information is provided.

If you are worried before you go to the photographer don’t pose deliberately. Trust the professional as he will do his best to present you in the best way on the photos.

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