The best iPhone apps of the week

In today’s review of the iPhone apps you will find the best apps of the last week. Let’s see!

Atari’s Greatest Hits. The classical games of the 1970s and 1980s developed for iPone and iPad. You may find over 100 games and Missile Command for free.

Activision Anthology. The collection of the games includes classical games of the 1970s designed by Activision. It includes about 45 games, one of them is free.

Lift. The application is developed to help you to improve your skills in setting and achieving your personal goals. It helps you to track your progress. How does it work? Well, it considers the fact that we are able to achieve the set goals step-by-step. In fact we are able to get something easily and effectively by performing tasks eventually. It turns out that you are able to accomplish simple tasks. The main principles of the application include visualization of your progress and support of your friends and soul mates.

Blood and Glory: Legend. The game developed by Glu Mobile is a sequel of the Blood and Glory. This new one provides new levels of fights and tactics. The idea reminds Soul Calibur and God of War.

The Last Driver. Try to survive in the world full of zombies being the last driver on destroyed earth. You have to act as fast as possible. Your way will be full of dangers and adventures. “This IS NOT “Drivers Ed” this is SURVIVAL”.

Box 2 Box. Every level of the game full of a variety of obstacles. Your task is to find way out from one box and reach the next one. “Here’s what happens. You are a ship (or something, we are not really sure). You have 4 sides. Each side has an engine. You only control one of them. You fly this “ship” without running out of fuel. More or less”, that’s what developers say about the game.

King’s Bounty: Legions. This strategy lets you play through social networking. Actually it is required. In fact it reminds the main principles of the traditional games of the series. For the first time you have a chance to fight with the other participants of the game in PvP mode.

Glass Tower. One of the most challenging and interesting games of the last week. Your aim is to break blue colored blocks and save red blocks at the same time. You won’t be bored.


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