Self Image of Gamers: Clue to Their Personality

Various methods of psychological research showed that the altered self body image of the teenagers contains different signs of psychological problems, which may vary from the slight ones to serious borderline state. To find out the interdependence of mental problems and self image of a person the following experiment was carried out by the psychiatrists.

The group of people under test consisted of 32 teenagers with low levels of special activity. Each of them was using the internet for no less than three hours per day for playing online games and gambling. The teenagers were asked to draw themselves. Later these drawings were considered and analyzed by psychiatrists and psychologists. The proportions of the body appeared to be more altered than the ones seen at the drawings of healthy teenagers. All the teenagers under test drew themselves with surprisingly small feet. The psychiatrists claim that small feet are the sign of uncertainty. The lack or stability and emotional support appears to be typical of gamers.

Another interesting feature of the teenager’s drawings is the long neck. That means gamers separate their mind from body by blocking their emotions. The head on these drawings doesn’t make with the body a single whole because of too long neck.

But the arms turned out to be of smaller length than the proportional ones. Short hands say about the unhealthy shyness of gamers. With the help of hands we not only manipulate the objects of our environments but communicate with people as well, shaking hands, hugging, waving, stoking the people by their hair and so on. The teenagers with internet gaming abuse draw themselves with shorter arms as they experience difficulties in communication with the others.

The big heads that can be seen on these drawings prove that gamers value intellect more than other features of a human personality.


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