John Clang photography

John Clang is a photographer from Singapore. He lived for a long period of time in New York City working as a photographer for Hermes, Nike, Godiva. But today his photography is labeled as art photography.

The project Remembering strangers (2010) depicts disguised people from Mumbai, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Naples. All of them are wearing the masks. The initial idea of Clang was to depict his own impressions of strangers. Every single day we meet people which we do not know. And by the end of the day we can hardly describe the features at least one of them. The same idea concerns Clang, “By reducing their facial details to the absolute minimum, it allows them to remain as strangers in my mind, preserving a truer representation of how they have entered my life and my memories”.

Creating his works sometimes Clang uses the principles of montage style and makes collages. The most interesting project is a series titled Time (2009). Thus he depicts people at the same place but at different times. But everything seems to be taken at the same time. The feeling is strange indeed. So his idea was to explore time, space and moving people. “These images also explore my fascination that there are probably many time dimensions in this universe”, says Clang. I suppose that this statement is the most precise description of the project.

Fear of Losing The Existence is regarding the issue of time and age. We see people with blurred faces. We can hardly notice any features. The point is that Clang lives far from his parents and relatives who get older every year. Every time he sees them he notices that they look different. Clang is afraid that one day he would not recognize those he loves and needs and they would become strangers to each other.

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