Game Romance – Top of Video Game Love Stories

Those who believe that video games are only about shooting, participating in bloody wars and killing monsters definitely do not know about the world of computer gaming much. Finely developed games provide us with the pleasure of meeting outstanding characters and entering entangled love intrigues. If you are more interested in the romantic background of the game and love stories of interesting couples more than in technical parameters and quantity of monsters you should pay your attention to the following video games.

  • Gears of War series tell us the love story of Dom and Maria Santiago. There romance is rather tragic and it will produce strong impression on you for sure. Dominic and Maria grew up together as they were neighbors and at the age of sixteen they already had two children. However, their children were killed in the process of the game and the heroes sunk into deep depression. Maria did not manage to get over this ordeal and one day she just disappeared. Only years after Dominic found her in some underground prison but she was so desperate and exhausted that did not even recognize him. Dom decides to end her sufferings by killing her. This tragic story is full of touching moments like the final embrace of the heroes or Dominic’s musing over the photo of him and Maria.
  • In Half Life 2 you meet another interesting couple – Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance. These two have hardly ever spoken of their feelings, but due to numerous hints provided in the game we have no doubt in their mutual love. It is the difference of the heroes which makes this couple so attractive. Alyx is vivid, optimistic character while Gordon’s personality is restricted by the obligation to follow his heroic fate. However, Alyx manages to find a path through his solid shell of estrangement straight to his heart.

3.If you try playing the Darkness game you will never forget a bittersweet romance which comes through the plot like a red line. The relationship of Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano is probably the closest one to the reality. They behave like a normal couple in most situations except the fact that Jackie is tough and pitiless killer who tries to hide the truth from Jenny. The contract between Jackie’s cruel actions on the streets of New Your and his tenderness and even shyness while being with Jenny is one of the best inventions of this game. Through the prism of heroes’ relations we can see some human features in the character of Jackie. This couple looks so real that when they have to part we feel real sadness. The love story of the Darkness helps us to get emotionally involved in the game and interested in the fate of heroes.

All these video game couples will not leave you indifferent to the process of gaming as they add a hint of romance and tragedy to even the most severe and bloody games making them deeper than they seem from the first sight.

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