Intellectual Humor of Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a famous American film director which is often called the father of intellectual comedy and he has deserved this title for a reason. He can laugh at everything – psychoanalysis, religion, sex and his own Jewish origins. The witty expressions from his movies have become proverbs and nobody remembers their author now. The humor of Woody Allen is smart and deep and it may make you some time to percept the hidden meaning of his jokes.

The plots of Allen’s films are mostly simple but they reveal a great depth of witty observations and everyday beauty of life if you dare to dive head on into them.

One of the funniest and cleverest films created by Woody Allen is, in my opinion, “Scoop”. Young journalist (Scarlet Johansen) an elderly magician (Woody Allen himself) investigates the mysterious murder with the help of the spirit of one of the victims of a maniac. In this movie Allen performs an unusual technique of involving another person to his humorous monologues – Scarlet is given the opportunity to joke together with maitre. Their conversations resemble ping-pong as they send jokes to each other with such speed that sometimes it is hard to catch their essence which makes the pleasure of watching this intellectual comedy even more refined.

Another film of Allen which may be not so popular but which is nevertheless one of my favorites is “The Purple Rose of Cairo”. The plot describes the life of a young woman who is not very bright. She lives in the period of the great Depression and the only escape from the problems of life for her is visiting local cinema. Eventually, she falls in love with a romantic hero and a Hollywood actor who has performed this image on the screen. This film is a cruel fairy-tale about the disastrous power of illusions.

To understand the creative potential of this great film director better I recommend watching also “Annie Hall”. The action takes place in the favorite city of the artist – New York. A young woman tries to make the life of a neurotic brighter – the heroes date, break up and meet again to understand in the result the essential truth of life. This film has received four Oscar awards and is considered to be the main achievement of Woody Allen in his career. As for me, however, every film of Allen is unique.

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