Harmful human food for cats

You should feed your cat carefully. And you should also remember that not all foods are good for your pet. Otherwise it may affect your cat negatively. Many owners think that what is okay for them would be fine for their pets too. But they are mistaken to think so. Not all human foods are intended for cats.

Never feed your cat with onions. This product is very healthy for people but not for cats. In fact it may cause serious problems. And it concerns not only cats. Avoid feeding pets with onions in general. Otherwise it would cause so called Heinz body anemia and as the result it causes kidney damage. Garlic and chives must be also excluded.

Surprisingly but tuna may negatively affect health of your pet. As a matter of fact tuna diet may lead to mercury poisoning of your cat.

You will be really surprised to find out that milk is forbidden for cats especially for adult cats. Adult cats are not able to tolerate milk and any other dairy products. Milk contains lactose. As the rule it causes diarrhea and intestinal discomfort. But cats do love milk and naturally many owners give milk to their cats being unaware what it may cause. If your cat literally can’t live without milk then you should give him lactose-free milk. Nevertheless try not to give him any milk.

Chocolate may kill your pet. Chocolate contains the obromine agent which dangerous for cat. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous one. It causes seizures, vomiting and as the result it leads to death. The same concerns sweets and candies which contain so called xylitol. This substance causes vomiting and seizures. Your pet may even lose coordination. By the way chewing gums also contain xylitol.

Raw meat, raw fish and raw eggs are very dangerous for your cat. All these products may contain bacteria. The result is that it may lead to seizures and even coma. Avoid feeding your cat with liver. Otherwise it may cause bones deformation and osteoporosis.

If you keep a cat and a dog never ever feed your cat with dog food. And vice versa. Even though dog food contains almost the same ingredients as cat food anyway in many case it would be very dangerous for health of your cat. So watch your cat and do not let him eat dog food.

As you can see these products may cause serious problems. So try to keep human food out of reach of your lovely pet.

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