Self Image of Gamers: Clue to Their Personality

Various methods of psychological research showed that the altered self body image of the teenagers contains different signs of psychological problems, which may vary from the slight ones to serious borderline state. To find out the interdependence of mental problems and self image of a person the following experiment was carried out by the psychiatrists.

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John Clang photography

John Clang is a photographer from Singapore. He lived for a long period of time in New York City working as a photographer for Hermes, Nike, Godiva. But today his photography is labeled as art photography.

The project Remembering strangers (2010) depicts disguised people from Mumbai, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Naples. All of them are wearing the masks. The initial idea of Clang was to depict his own impressions of strangers. Every single day we meet people which we do not know. And by the end of the day we can hardly describe the features at least one of them. The same idea concerns Clang, “By reducing their facial details to the absolute minimum, it allows them to remain as strangers in my mind, preserving a truer representation of how they have entered my life and my memories”.

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Game Romance – Top of Video Game Love Stories

Those who believe that video games are only about shooting, participating in bloody wars and killing monsters definitely do not know about the world of computer gaming much. Finely developed games provide us with the pleasure of meeting outstanding characters and entering entangled love intrigues. If you are more interested in the romantic background of the game and love stories of interesting couples more than in technical parameters and quantity of monsters you should pay your attention to the following video games.

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Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the southern part of Nevada state. For many people Las Vegas is associated with gambling and glamor. Probably Las Vegas is the most glamorous city of the United States. Even if you have never been to the city you definitely have an image of this place. It is not surprising at all why the city got the status of Sin City. Staying in the city you will find lots of casinos and hotels, bars and restaurants. In fact gambling is the most popular city attraction and the main reason why tourists prefer Las Vegas to other cities. By the way Navada is one of the states in the country where gambling is legalized.

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Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was a famous American blues singer and outstanding person. Her life was full of difficulties and problems. Nevertheless Joplin is supposed to be one of the most influential and talented musicians of the 20th century. It is true that her life is some kind of reflection of that rebellious and unconventional times.

Joplin was born in 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas to ordinary family of middle class. She understood early that life in Port Arthur was not for her. Joplin had problems at school with her peers who could not accept her unusual appearance and lifestyle she pursued. They mocked at her and bullied as she seemed to them too unusual and extraordinary. At the age of 17 she left home. When she was 23-years-old she left for California. But life over there turned to be more difficult than probably she expected. In a year she came back to Texas. Several months later Joplin met members of San Francisco band Big Brother And The Holding Company. And it changed her life.

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Intellectual Humor of Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a famous American film director which is often called the father of intellectual comedy and he has deserved this title for a reason. He can laugh at everything – psychoanalysis, religion, sex and his own Jewish origins. The witty expressions from his movies have become proverbs and nobody remembers their author now. The humor of Woody Allen is smart and deep and it may make you some time to percept the hidden meaning of his jokes.

The plots of Allen’s films are mostly simple but they reveal a great depth of witty observations and everyday beauty of life if you dare to dive head on into them.

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Harmful human food for cats

You should feed your cat carefully. And you should also remember that not all foods are good for your pet. Otherwise it may affect your cat negatively. Many owners think that what is okay for them would be fine for their pets too. But they are mistaken to think so. Not all human foods are intended for cats.

Never feed your cat with onions. This product is very healthy for people but not for cats. In fact it may cause serious problems. And it concerns not only cats. Avoid feeding pets with onions in general. Otherwise it would cause so called Heinz body anemia and as the result it causes kidney damage. Garlic and chives must be also excluded.

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