The plot of the movies “Gia” is based on the real life story of the first American top model Gia Marie Carangi. Gia was a sweet nice girl who was born in 1960 in Philadelphia. In the beginning of the 80s she became a living legend in the fashion industry and has caused a revolution in the ideas about the acceptable image of a model.

The action of the film starts in the end of 70s in New York. This was a verdure of trendy acid washed jeans, drugs, disco and rave parties. Gia is spinning her life at the highest speed possible as it is the highway. She is able to get any man or any woman if she wants to. Money, fame, luxury are the common things for her. She attends the highest splendid courts, walks confidently along the catwalks and glances from the covers of “Vogue” and “Cosmopolitan”. Gia is the muse of the most famous fashion designers and photographers. She is not a star she is a true goddess. But such people as Gia Carangi seldom are happy. According to the plot of the movie Gia falls in love with her make-up artist Linda. But Linda can’t give her what she wants. Since being a little girl Gia has always have lacked the care and love of her mother. She feels lonely. Linda can’t make a choice between her boyfriend and Gia who craves for love and understanding. Depressed by the death of her employer Wilhelmina Cooper Gia starts taking drugs. But even being addicted to heroine she doesn’t leave her attempts to date Linda. Finally Linda makes her face the choice: either dating or drugs. Gia chooses heroine. When Gia turns 26 she is diagnosed AIDS. There isn’t enough information concerning this disease and everyone avoids Gia. The only person who doesn’t leave Gia is her mother Caitlyn. On the 18th of November 1986 the 26-year old top model Gia Carangi is at her last moments of life. She claims that God has a plan for her but nit in the current life.

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Guide for Fine Art

In the modern world people hardly find any time to visit museums, exhibitions and other cultural events. However, there are occasions when we want to impress the others with our deep knowledge of artists and their works, even if we have only the slightest idea about the difference between Monet and Manet. To avoid ridiculous situations use this simple and efficient guide through the jungles of fine art and different genres of painting.

If you see on the picture dark background and anguished face expressions you are most likely to meet one of works of a great Titian. Probably, the only exception of this rule is his “Venus of Urbino” which looks pretty happy and satisfied with life, so you better memorize this image in order not to mix it with works of Rubens. By the way, Rubens can be recognized thanks to a great number of naked appetizing figures with cellulite on his pictures.

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The Tragedy and Success of Guccio Gucci

One of the most significant figures in the world of fashion is of course Guccio Gucci. But none of the biographers studying his life can’t tell you for sure the true story of this talented fashion designer. Actually his story is full of tragic and mysterious events. But that only boosts up the popularity of Gucci brand name.

There was nothing predicting the birth of a legend. A plain man named Guccio Gucci lived in Florence and was trying to raise some money by being employed in occasional jobs. Finally he decided to set his feet to England in 1921. There he soon found a job of usher in the “Savoy” hotel. Being an usher of an expensive hotel Guccio Gucci had the perfect opportunity to watch the splendid outfits which were worn by the wealthy people who stayed there. The most interesting thing is that he payed much attention to the preferences of the upper crust. Gucci had returned to Italy when he turned 40. He managed to earn 30 000 liras. That was a significant sum of money in those times.

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