How to Combat a Cat and not Lose your Grip

FeoSo, I made it. I’ve been dreaming of having a cat for quite a while since I’ve seen that little furry cutie at my friend’s house. It was all playful and soft and adorable and I decided to get one too. Note that I’m not one of those crazy cat ladies that are drooling over each and every flea-ridden gremlin. I understand the difference between a cool pet and an ugly pet, and I also understood that having a pet is a huge responsibility, but I still wanted to adopt one. Now I know that being a cat’s master is not only a responsibility but also an enormous pain in the neck.
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How to Choose a Pocket Dog

Some people think that dogs should perform the role of guards and protectors of the family, but as for me, the dogs are, first of all, our friends and companions so their size does not matter. Pocket dogs can become loyal friends for you independently of their size.

These dogs are called “pocket” due to their small size – you can carry them in your bag or in your hands. Among pocket dogs are, for example, Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, toy poodle, Maltese and so on. The choice of pocket dog should be made with great responsibility as these dogs tend to have problems with their health, so you should know the standards in order to select right breed.

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Miao Jia Xin

Miao Jia Xin is a Chinese photographer based in New York City. Miao Jia Xin was born in Shanghai. Several years ago he moved to the United States and devoted himself entirely to art. He accepts camera as a tool that documents his art. So in fact it doesn’t matter if the quality of photography is low. Sometimes he even is interested in poor quality of the pictures he takes. So he is absolutely okay with it. Everything depends on his purposes and circumstances. He tries to use all the opportunities he has at the moment.

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Choosing Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf rabbit is one of the sweetest creatures in the world which is impossible to pass by. However, it may be difficult to define between decorative rabbits and dwarf rabbits when they are small so you should gain same extra knowledge before purchasing this pet.

Decorative rabbits can be of any breed and they can reach any size when they are fully grown while the dwarf rabbits have firmly established standards. An average dwarf rabbit weighs about two and a half kilos and its ears are no longer than six cm. All dwarf rabbits can be divided into two groups – dwarf rabbits with prick-ears and fold-ear rabbits, plush lops included. All of them are nice, but do not make your choice basing just on their appearance. Different breeds have different characters, and you should choose the one which will suit you best.

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What Does It Mean to Be Photogenic?

A term “photogenicy” firstly appeared in the sphere of cinema. That meant to describe a person who looked much more attractive on a screen rather than in the real life. Beauty, regular facial features, good complexion and expressive eyes are the important factors for being photogenic, though they are not the crucial ones.

A photo is the reproduction of life moments on a surface with slightly alternated brightness and colors. The picture doesn’t possess smells, sounds and context of the life event. The human brain can perceive the images objectively only in cases when they are surrounded by their context. That’s why a person who is considered to be a not very pleasant one in reality may look amazing on his family pictures. We evaluate the image of a person on the whole in an objective reality taking into consideration the sound of his or her voice, the manner of moving, the way of acting and the way he or she lives of course. Even when we see a strange person for the first time all these factors have a great impact on the impression created. When we see a successful photo of an unknown person we see only his “foreside”. A mute and flat picture will underline the bright appearance and the right moment when the photo was taken but nothing else. You even have no idea how the voice of the human depicts may sound.

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The best iPhone apps of the week

In today’s review of the iPhone apps you will find the best apps of the last week. Let’s see!

Atari’s Greatest Hits. The classical games of the 1970s and 1980s developed for iPone and iPad. You may find over 100 games and Missile Command for free.

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Self Image of Gamers: Clue to Their Personality

Various methods of psychological research showed that the altered self body image of the teenagers contains different signs of psychological problems, which may vary from the slight ones to serious borderline state. To find out the interdependence of mental problems and self image of a person the following experiment was carried out by the psychiatrists.

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John Clang photography

John Clang is a photographer from Singapore. He lived for a long period of time in New York City working as a photographer for Hermes, Nike, Godiva. But today his photography is labeled as art photography.

The project Remembering strangers (2010) depicts disguised people from Mumbai, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Naples. All of them are wearing the masks. The initial idea of Clang was to depict his own impressions of strangers. Every single day we meet people which we do not know. And by the end of the day we can hardly describe the features at least one of them. The same idea concerns Clang, “By reducing their facial details to the absolute minimum, it allows them to remain as strangers in my mind, preserving a truer representation of how they have entered my life and my memories”.

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Game Romance – Top of Video Game Love Stories

Those who believe that video games are only about shooting, participating in bloody wars and killing monsters definitely do not know about the world of computer gaming much. Finely developed games provide us with the pleasure of meeting outstanding characters and entering entangled love intrigues. If you are more interested in the romantic background of the game and love stories of interesting couples more than in technical parameters and quantity of monsters you should pay your attention to the following video games.

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Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the southern part of Nevada state. For many people Las Vegas is associated with gambling and glamor. Probably Las Vegas is the most glamorous city of the United States. Even if you have never been to the city you definitely have an image of this place. It is not surprising at all why the city got the status of Sin City. Staying in the city you will find lots of casinos and hotels, bars and restaurants. In fact gambling is the most popular city attraction and the main reason why tourists prefer Las Vegas to other cities. By the way Navada is one of the states in the country where gambling is legalized.

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